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What We Do

How We Do

We have a very professional and transparent system of working. All designs are approved by the client beforehand. During the entire work process, client is in the loop with proper presentation and explanations. Our presentation style involves 2D and 3D drawings which give the client exact idea of the final project looks. We try to keep the project within the budget assigned to us.

We are there with our clients at every step right from making layouts, supervising the site and helping our clients in purchasing, ordering and all this in their budgets. With the help of our experienced and creative personnel we help our clients in building their dream home or offices .we also do space planning, designing & decorating, renovation, new construction, residential furniture designing etc.

We follow a 7 step procedure to execute a project:

Step1. Getting in the shoes of the client

We try to understand the exact requirements and taste of client. And take the site as if we are ourselves making our own house.

Step2. Research design options

We carry out high end research work to meet the client expectations and deliver new designs every time.

Step3. Putting thoughts on paper

We create a master plan for the complete project which includes architectural layouts and 3D views, this gives the client exact feel of the finished project, in advance.

Step4. Discussion of design n budget

Now we are ready with the design, we present the designs to the client. After approval we give the exact idea of budget to the client. If some modifications are needed in design or budget, they can be done at this stage.

Step5. Preparation of working drawings

We start preparing the working drawings for all the different technical teams which will work on site. Allocation of work is purely on client?s discretion , if he wants our team or his own team. We are ready to work in both cases.

Step6. Selection of Materials

All the material to be used on site are decided by us , if required we visit various vendors along with the client to select the materials.

Step7. Completion of project

Our team of expert supervisors and executors start working on drawings to convert the dream into reality.